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Chequered Plywood

Quality hardwood veneers, detailed process and exclusive resin make Egwood Chequered Plywood withstand the harshest of conditions when put to use for a wide range of transportation & Industrial applications. Egwood Chequered Plywood is high density product produced under high temperature and high pressure resin with high solid contents is used to manufacture these products thereby giving it necessary strength to withstand heavy wear-and- tear apart from making it highly abrasion resistant. The Chequered pattern developed due to the combination of mesh and high pressure makes the board anti slip and ideal for heavy floor usage.

The plywood combines enhanced mechanical properties with extreme water proof quality besides being resistant to corrosive agents.

Egwood Chequered plywood is available in three variants viz. BWR, MP & FRMP in the thickness ?12mm & 15mm and as per the customer specification.

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