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Flush Doors

Apartments or individual homes, inside or outside, Egwood Flush Doors are the best because of their stability, durability, immense strength and versatility.

Egwood Flush Doors are made from select & premium hardwood battens & veneers. After preservative treatment by "full cell process" & seasoning, the battens are made into rigid block boards cores. These are bonded to the hardwood veneers with PF resin of high solid content for durability, making them boiling waterproof, wrap resistance, decay proof and economical.

Egwood Flush Doors conforms to IS: 2202

Available in Marine Treated, One Side Teak & Both Side Teak
Available thickness: 30mm, 32mm, 35mm, 38mm & 40 mm

Egwood Fire Retardant Flush Doors conforms to IS: 5509: 2000

Coupled with the above properties in Egwood Fire Retardant Flush Doors, the veneers & boards are also treated with Fire Retardant chemical through vacuum- pressure impregnated by full cell process. This not only disallows fire penetration but also resists flame & flame spread thereby retarding burning. It also meets the stringent standards with respect to flammability, flame penetration and rate of burning.

Available thickness: 35mm, 40 mm & 45mm

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