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BWR Plywood

Egwood BWR grade plywood is an ideal leg between marine and commercial plywood. It is manufactured using smooth, rotary and tight cut veneers obtained from eco-friendly timber. BWR Grade plywood have alternative cores that render cushioning effect and better bonding capabilities to the plywood. It is made of special combination of resin to withstand water resistance for 8hrs. The plywood is also thoroughly treated to protect it from fungal decay, insects attacks, borers and termites. Egwood BWR grade plywood is ideal for scenarios which call for more than MR grade but a step below Marine Plywood.

Egwood Boiling Water Resistance Plywood confirms to IS: 303 and is available in two variants:


Solitaire Gurjan Plywood is made in combination using the highest quality of gurjan/keruing veneers. Internationally acclaimed gurjan/keruing timber is heavy and mechanically strong which results in a very tough, hardwearing and everlasting plywood. It is undoubtedly for those for whom second is not a preference.


Oorjit is a unique offering that's targeted to achieve maximum quality and yet remain affordable. Oorjit is made of highly selected hardwood keeping in mind the durability and economics of the plywood. Hardwood Veneers are selected after extensive testing in the company's R & D laboratory and approved as per the IS standards. Ideally for those who wants the maximum in quality within affordable price.


  • Made from specially selected eco-friendly timber
  • Well balanced construction.
  • Alternate layers of cross band cores used for perfect bonding
  • Treated with preservative to protect against borer and termite
  • Borer and Termite Proof
  • highly durable and long lasting


  • Furniture
  • Partitions
  • Paneling
  • Packaging
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